Inbound Approach
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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a powerful marketing technique that helps you find your audience online, engage with them in a way that builds trust and loyalty, and convert them into long term paying customers.

Our campaigns focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) but we incorporate social media marketing into all of our campaigns and website design plays an important role as well. You can find a list of all of the inbound marketing channels that we adopt below; the level at which each channel is used varies depending on strategy.

microscope are one of the UK’s leading inbound marketing agencies. With offices in London, Leicester and Birmingham we have highly skilled specialists in each of the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – this is our bread and butter. The three founding directors alone have over twenty years combined SEO experience.
  • Content marketing – every great inbound marketing campaign must begin with great content. Whether it’s compelling sales copy, hi-resolution product imagery, edgy news posts, instructional blog content, funny videos, it’s this content that will drive the entire campaign.
  • Digital PR – to do this incredible content justice, each campaign needs a digital PR strategy to ensure it’s getting distributed far and wide via the worlds’ largest newspaper and magazine titles.
  • Social media – since early 2010 we have been delivering bespoke social strategies for our clients. With social now forming such an integral part of SEO, every campaign we deliver has a market specific social strategy.
  • Email marketing – whether it’s for direct commerce or brand awareness, every serious business needs an intelligent email marketing strategy to maximise visitor value.
  • Design and development – in addition to having our own designers and developers in-house, we also partner with some of the UK’s leading branding agencies to ensure that whatever your market, we can piece together the perfect creative team.
  • Conversion rate optimisation – our CRO specialists will monitor the user interaction with the website to identify opportunities to enhance the user experience and boost visitor value to your business.

The Power of Brand


Google loves brands because people love brands. If you want that number one spot in the search engines, you need to be the leading brand in the market. This means creating remarkable content, awesome PR campaigns, thriving social communities and tonnes of direct traffic to the site. Only then will Google give you the credit and the rankings you need to dominate your search market. A strong brand means:

  • More direct traffic
  • More referral traffic
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher retention rates
  • MUCH higher rankings

Build Something Real

graph The dark days of SEO are behind us. Poor quality content and paid for link schemes will only cause you to get penalised. Now it needs to be built on something real.

Why do you think that you deserve to be ranking number one? Where is the added value? How are you making the internet a better place for your target audience? If you can’t answer these questions then you don’t deserve that top ranking and even if you hit page one your position will never be sustainable.

Every campaign we work on begins with us asking the questions:

  • Who are your target audience?
  • What interests and excites them?
  • How can we use digital technology to make their lives just that little bit better?

The answers to these questions combined with our unrivalled level of traditional SEO experience, form the basis of our long term strategy.

If you want that number one ranking and believe your brand has the potential to earn it, contact us today and we’ll build and execute a long term strategy to dominate your market.